Police say inoperable breaks caused Friday's crash

Illinois state police say the garbage truck that struck a day care bus didn't have working breaks.

"Definitely having a bus monitor, there would have been two children that would have been really hurt if one of the monitors did not cover them. Unfortunately she got most of the pain. We put them in seat belts and car seats and we have five seat harnesses and we try to do the best that we can to protect them," says Malone.

Eleven children from Malone's early learning center in Carterville and four adults were sent to the hospital after the truck veered onto north spillway road  overturned and hit the bus.

All of those children have since been released from the hospital, a bus monitor is still being treated for a nose and leg injury.

Director, William Malone credits the centers safety procedures for being the reason why everyone is still alive today.

The owner of the garbage truck company tells us the truck was inspected before it went on the route and there were no issues at that time.