$10,000 solar power picnic table charges gadgets at SIU

$10,000 solar power picnic table charges gadgets at SIU

CARBONDALE, IL (KFVS) - Students at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale now have a solar-powered way to recharge their gadgets.

Crews last week installed the Solar Dok picnic table made of recyclable plastics.

It is equipped with solar panels, an umbrella, a display box and two USB ports.

"We didn't even advertise that we had it out there and the first day after it got set I went over there and really for about eight hours there were students sitting at it,:" said Phil Gatton, SIU Director of Plant and Service Operations. "So I thought that was pretty exciting the fact that it was getting used as well as it was being used."

The table lights up at night and stores enough energy for two cloudy days.

The $10,000 table is paid for through a fee SIU students pay for environmentally sustainable projects.

A $3,000 device that provides solar-powered charging capabilities without the picnic table is also being installed near the student center.

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