Grant allows Oak Ridge school to buy 3-D printer

Grant allows Oak Ridge school to buy 3-D printer
(Source: Mike Mohundro, Heartland News)
(Source: Mike Mohundro, Heartland News)

OAK RIDGE, MO (KFVS) - Oak Ridge High School received a grant on Tuesday for a new 3-D printer.

MFA Oil Jackson Plant Manager Rick Wilson presented a $1,300 check to Oak Ridge School's Industrial Teacher Wayne Bock to purchase this printer for his Industrial Tech class.

The printer will use plastic that will build up tiny layers to form the 3-D model they design on computers. Bock said this can create machine parts, military drones, toys, and so on.

Bock says,

"Students need real world reasons to create objects using 3-D Cad software," Bock said.

Bock feels these students will benefit from being on the cutting edge of small scale manufacturing.

"Too much of our country's manufacturing has gone overseas and this will hopefully bring back some of those lost jobs," he said.

Two Oak Ridge High School students challenged Bock to acquire a 3-D printer so they can enhance their learning experience. Laine Whitaker Jr. and Thomas Harvell feel 3-D printing is a big jump for their school and future manufacturing for the world.

Whitaker feels that having a 3-D printer will have an advantage in both the 3-D modeling world and also help jump the future for people coming up in class at this school.

"It would be a lot easier than having to sandpaper a wood into a certain shape," Whitaker said. "And it would be a lot easier than going through an entire method to cut one thing down into a piece instead of building it up."

"It would help with people and learning about computers rather than woodworking," Harvell said. "It would help add another modern style class."

Bock said they are a small school district so money is always tight. With this grant to purchase this 3-D printer, they will be able to better their students education.

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