Jefferson county experiences storm damage

In Jefferson County, where emergency management officials say strong winds uprooted trees and caused some damage to homes.

Luckily no one was hurt.

What took only minutes felt like an eternity to some in Mt. Vernon.

Winds were so strong it blew this car port almost a football fields length away.

Other parts of Jefferson County experienced flash flooding,  uprooted trees and a small tornado.

"we barely made it in the door and it hit," says Kimberly McKenzie.

Mckenzie says the storm came out of the blue and tore through directly between her and her neighbors yard.

Flattening her fence and sending branches into her home and vehicles.

"It was just the wind, you couldn't hear nothing but wind," she says.

Her neighbor, Doris Morgan says her and her husband had no warning and couldn't make it to their storm shelter in time.

"I heard a roar, it was really loud. I felt like the house was just going to go," she says.

Happy the damage was only to the property, Monday McKenzie and her husband was spent cleaning up branches.

"and praying that we don't have another one," she says.

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