Neighbor helps neighbor battle cancer

Neighbor helps neighbor battle cancer

(KFVS) - A positive attitude and a twist of fate may turn out to be the combination that keeps a Heartland man alive.

Jerry Brey had just retired when doctors told him he had prostate cancer

A devastating diagnosis and a battle that Jerry didn't feel he was winning until a new neighbor moved in next door..

Jerry Brey still remembers the day he met that new neighbor—Andrew Moore. As they stood there and talked, neither had any idea how much they would mean to each other down the road.

"Hardest par 3 in the world, Sypris Point number 16. Thank you very much. Ben Crosby made a hole-in-one there."

Listening in on their golf course banter, It's easy to see these two hit it off from the beginning.

"I had a wonderful surprise with our next door neighbor moving into a house," Brey said.

"Our relationship started out as friends, neighbors and golfing partners," Moore said.

Over lawns, putting greens, and time their friendship grew. But it took a twist when Brey became Moore's patient.

"He just happened to be an oncologist," Brey said.

You see, Brey was in the midst of trying to beat prostate cancer. He decided his neighbor and golfing buddy knew him better than anyone else so he started his chemo treatment with Moore at his side.

"Just had the sixth treatment today, I have 10 total to do so I have four more," he said.

Brey said during his six-and-a-half year war with cancer, this has been the toughest battle, but having Moore at his side not only as his doctor, but also his friend, has made it seem winnable.

"When we came in here, we thought we were down to our last bullet and that's what you call the last treatment and there's not much pass that when you get down to chemo-therapy. Within six weeks, we probably had four more bullets."

Moore gives all the credit to Brey and his positive attitude. He said Brey inspires him and other patients every time he walks through the door.

"It's always let's hit this hard," Moore said. "Let's keep it going. Let's do whatever you can to enjoy life and beat cancer."

"Well I don't consider myself a hero," Brey said. "I'm just trying to get fixed. I think the people that help you are the heroes."

While neither Brey nor Moore considers himself a hero, there is one thing they both agree on—they stand a better chance of beating this cancer, together.

"That would be the best thing that's ever happened to me professionally," Moore said.

And personally.

"I see these tags on the wall. Nice shot Alice. Hit the iron like it lands with a bird with sore feet. I shank. There were 14 golf terms all written on tags on the window. He had something to do with it."

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