Ark. high school seniors banned from prom after school prank

Ark. high school seniors banned from prom after school prank

CALICO ROCK, AR (KAIT) - While many teens are getting ready for or have already attended prom, a group of teens at a school were not allowed in the doors after being banned for a school prank.

The "Calico 8" is what the eight Calico Rock High School seniors who pulled the prank are calling themselves. 

"We decided to move all the desks and tables and chairs outside of each classroom," said senior Kerrigan Cook. "We chalked the front window, wrote 'Senior 2014,' and then we locked back up and left."

Senior and student-janitor Deion Woods played his part by letting the other seven into the school after hours.

"It's no big deal. I work there so I'm allowed in there," he said.

"Then we got back up there early the next morning because we knew we'd have to help clean. We didn't want to take too much time away. We got there early and that's when it all went down hill," Cook said.

The eight students expected some kind of punishment, but nothing close to what they actually got. 

Cook said administrators met with the students and led them to believe they had to sign a statement given to them by Calico Rock Public Schools administrators or face criminal charges.

The statement included the students admitting to vandalism, moving the desks back to the classroom, giving up all extracurricular activities, being banned from prom, competitions, the senior trip and driving to school, and being suspended for three days. 

"We did feel really pressured into signing that paper," Cook said.

Seniors Kerrigan and Rachel Bevill also will not be allowed to give speeches at graduation.

"I can't give my graduation speech and I was in the top 5, and that's something I've worked for my entire life," said Bevill.

"Their statement was that they wanted to set a precedent for the next class so they didn't try to one up this," said Kerrigan's mom Valerie French.

The parents of the teens planned the "(un)prom" for them in three days and hosted it at the home of one of the students while the rest of the 27-student senior class attended the school sanctioned prom.  

French said the parents of the "Calico 8" will continue to help their children make memories she believes the school unfairly took away.

"I don't think there is anything we can do about except try to get our senior memories back by doing things like holding our own prom," said Bevill.

Calico Rock Public Schools Superintendent Jerry Skidmore said he could not discuss student discipline issues due to privacy laws.
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