Water woes in Thebes

Water woes in Thebes

THEBES, IL (KFVS) - A water main break kept folks in Thebes from doing dishes, taking showers for over 24 hours and they were never told exactly when it was going to be turned back on.

It started with a warning from the city.

Folks in Thebes were told that their water would be shut off for an undetermined amount of time.

32 hours later the water is back on.

But not without a lot of headaches from the 50 residents who woke up Thursday morning and realized they still couldn't brush their teeth.

The pile of dirt drew neighbors out of the homes wondering how much longer it would be before they could shower.

And it made for an interesting day for some.

“When you are use to having water and you don’t have any and the first thing you do is turn on your faucet or flush the toilet.”

“Everybody out here has kids from newborns to teenagers, it is hard to live without water if you can’t flush your toilet or wash your hands," said one resident.  "That is no way to live."

Kids were excused from school and people were quickly running low on the water they had previously stocked up on.

The village's maintenance man was able to get it fixed around 3 on Thursday.

With the water back up and running, the village clerk says Thebes will still be under a boil water order for 48 hours.

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