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How many St. Louis Cardinals fans are there where you live?


Have you ever wondered what the allegiance is to a certain Major League Baseball team where you live?

As a New York Times article suggests, "you don't have to guess anymore."

The article says a map using aggregated data takes a look at your state, city and counties Major League Baseball loyalty and places it in an interactive map.

According to the NY Times article, the maps were created on how many Facebook users liked a team in each Zip Code.

For example:

In Cape Girardeau County, data shows 75 percent are St. Louis Cardinals fans. In Illinois, Jackson County, Illinois has 69 percent Cardinals fans. McCracken County, Kentucky has 57 percent Cardinals fans according to the data.

In Greene County, Missouri, where the Cardinals have an AA minor league team, 63 percent are Cardinals fans. And, in Shelby County, Tennessee, where the Cardinals have an AAA minor league team, only 23 percent are fans of the major league team.

Check out the interactive map:

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