Less restrictions at this year's Street Machine Nationals

Less restrictions at this year's Street Machine Nationals

DU QUOIN, IL (KFVS) - After more than a decade the Street Machine Nationals made their comeback in Du Quoin for the first time in 2014.

But police and city officials made clear that the event was not going to be like it was in years past.

New rules set in place restricted folks from leaving the fair grounds at certain times, no glass bottles were served and there wasn't any car cruising.

At this year's event there will be even more changes, except folks seem to be more on board this time around.

Thousands of spectators will set up lawn chairs and watch thousands more hot rods drive by and cruise.

It was definitely missed by many last year.

However, city officials have decided to lift the ban on cruising and bring back the tradition to this year's Street Machine Nationals.

John Lawhorn said he is more than ready to dust off his classic cars for this year's street machine nationals.

"It is really not a fun event to just sit still," Lawhorn said.

And do what he built his 1960 Chevy Shortbed Stepside pickup for.

"Go out, drive them and go have fun with it," he said.

Over 2,500 cars came out for 2013's nationals, but Lawhorn said it missed a certain spark seeing all the cars in park.

He's hoping with the ban lifted there will be more participants and even more fun.

Someone else who is relieved to see another ban lifted is Tim Bishop.

He said last year, glass bottles were prohibited and extra police presence kept folks away.

"Nobody came to the bar. they say the cops out front and they would turn around and leave," Bishop said.

This year, the city plans to cut back on the number of police during the weekend and allow bars to serve glass bottles.

It's good news for bishop and his bar but he's still nervous about the turnout

"Some of the changes are great, but I'll just have to wait and see," he said.

The city has kept the ban on open alcohol and camping only inside the grounds.

The event kicks off June 28.

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