Poplar Bluff's youngest female mayor named

Poplar Bluff's youngest female mayor named

POPLAR BLUFF, MO (KFVS) - Poplar Bluff has a new mayor.

Angela Pearson, the newly appointed council member who challenged Poplar Bluff's veteran city manager last summer, became the city's youngest female mayor after the council chose her Monday night. Pearson released a statement that reads:

"Today I would like to thank the citizens of Poplar Bluff, the new City Council, my friends, my family and my husband, and most importantly I would like to thank God. I am truly honored and humbled for this opportunity to be the Mayor of Poplar Bluff Missouri. I am proud of our community and we will do great things together. My dreams for Poplar Bluff include prosperity for all, working together as a community, continued growth, revitalizing our downtown and areas that have been left out in the past and much more. We as a community have fought hard together to pave the way for prosperity in our community and I will do my best as Mayor to promote that. Let Poplar Bluff city government be a place where the community feels involved. Let Poplar Bluff be fair and considerate. Let Poplar Bluff be a place where people want to come and live and be a place where businesses want to come and grow and succeed. Let Poplar Bluff thrive and above all let our city be blessed. Thank you all for your support, but I give all of the glory and honor to our father in heaven. Have a beautiful day."

In the meantime, Pearson says her attorney is handling the suit City Manager Doug Bagby filed against her last fall.For his part, Bagby had no comment on Pearson being tapped for mayor.

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