Skydiving returns, but at a cost

Skydiving returns, but at a cost

CAIRO, IL (KFVS) - One company is struggling after a tornado ripped apart their plane and hangar several years ago.

On April 23, 2011, a tornado ripped through a hangar at the Cairo Airport destroying it, and two planes inside.

Years later, the hangar has been rebuilt and SEMO Skydiving has returned to the air, but it has cost them.

According to SEMO Skydiving instructor Doris Dumey, before the tornado hit, SEMO Skydiving saw nearly 30 skydiving students on the weekends. Now, they say they are lucky to see five a month.

Battered by the costs to fix a new plane, the company shut down for two years.

Before, they saw many people from groups of skydivers jump constantly. After the tornado hit, the skydivers found a new place to jump, leaving SEMO Skydiving without anyone.

However, Dumey says they aren't in it for making a profit.

Dumey says they are in it for the thrill and making others happy with the thrill of jumping.

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