Pepsi MidAmerica to expand to Cape Girardeau

Pepsi MidAmerica to expand to Cape Girardeau
Pepsi MidAmerica will be the park’s first tenant.
Pepsi MidAmerica will be the park’s first tenant.

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - Pepsi MidAmerica announced on Friday a $3.1 million customer service center to be built at the new Greater Cape Girardeau Business Park.

Pepsi MidAmerica will be the park's first tenant.

"We believe that we were able to put together a package for them that made it attractive enough for them and now that we have our first tenant we're excited that we have the momentum to attract other businesses to the park as well," said Molly Hood, assistant city manager for Cape Girardeau.

While the phrase "business park" may not evoke beauty, officials say the final product is meant to be just that. Eye-catching and clean. So, if this is the first business, what can you expect to fill up the other spots?

"We're looking to bring businesses in like light manufacturing, distribution centers, perhaps some retail along the LaSalle near the interchange there, but we really want to put the emphasis on creating jobs," Hood said. "And those are the types of businesses that we want to attract."

Cape Girardeau Mayor Harry Rediger said this type of development is good for not just the city, but the region. As far as the future of the park, he thinks it looks bright, with several companies showing interest.

"Well, we have 247 acres there to develop," Mayor Rediger said. "The purchase by Pepsi was 18, so we look forward to numerous new companies coming to the area and ultimately more jobs and new jobs and new jobs."

The city will start accepting bids for the infrastructure in summer 2014 and then begin construction in August on streets, sewer and water.

According to a news release, the company will hire 74 employees and will begin construction on the 18-acre site within six months.

Pepsi MidAmerica said Cape Girardeau was best suited to meet their needs. The company was offered a strategic economic incentive package that the company can receive if it meets the job creation and investment criteria, the news release stated.

The new customer service center is planned to be open by mid-summer 2015.

"Cape Girardeau has long been a great consumer of Pepsi products and now the Pepsi MidAmerica family is proud to have a corporate presence with our customer service center," said Larry Chambers, Director of Facilities for Pepsi MidAmerica. "The strategic location of the new business park, a strong and capable workforce, and the collaborative spirit of community leaders is exactly what the Crisp family was looking for in its expansion efforts."

Pepsi MidAmerica is headquartered in Marion, Illinois.

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