'Barabbas' production set for Easter weekend performance

'Barabbas' production set for Easter weekend performance
The movie will be presented at Christ Church of the Heartland. Admission is free.
The movie will be presented at Christ Church of the Heartland. Admission is free.


Easter is usually a time when we see more Biblical and spiritual films either on television or the big screen.

Now, one shot by a crew in the Cape Girardeau area is grabbing a lot of attention. Barabbas written by Darren DeLoach is not only a film but also a live stage production. 

"We shot it locally over two days in February," said DeLoach. "We had about 75 volunteers involved, and we hope it's something that capture interest for anybody whether you're a believer or not about the story of Easter and Christ. We hope it will draw a lot of people to come out and see it." 

DeLoach also plays the character Barabbas, one he says many interpret in different ways. Barabbas is known as the man Jesus took the place of on the cross. 

"Part of the stage production is set in a modern setting," said DeLoach. "It got into my heart to put this together and tell this story, and it's especially important now at Easter." 

Barabbas was shot entirely locally, even in a quarry and in very cold conditions. Yet, it was important to DeLoach to make everything look exactly as it would have in Biblical times. 

"Sometimes we were shooting in caves," said Andy Cutrell, who portrays Jesus. "It was February, it was freezing and I was basically wearing a sheet and it was a humbling experience. It rocked my world in a way I can't explain. I only had to endure that kind of environment for a short time but look at all that Jesus went through for me, for you, for everyone." 

Cutrell says he feels audiences will interpret Barabbas in different ways, but no matter what he hopes you take away the message of just who Christ is.

"His grace is so powerful and it's meant for all of us. His love and unconditional forgiveness is real," said Cutrell.

"We wanted to do something that anybody would feel comfortable coming too," said DeLoach. 

DeLoach is a husband and father and works at P&G. 

He has has made several films locally and has plans for more. 

"I do this because it's my passion," he said. "Somehow we manage to make it happen and I don't make any money off of it." 

It will be presented at Christ Church of the Heartland. Admission is free. 

You can see Barabbas Friday, April 18, and Saturday, April 19 at 7 p.m. Audiences can also watch the stage and film production Easter Sunday morning at 10 a.m.
DeLoach says he plans to record the live presentation and make that available in some form at a later date. 


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