School leaders looking into Bible controversy

School leaders looking into Bible controversy

POTOSI, MO (KFVS) - A student in Washington County, Mo. caused quite a stir after she said she brought a Bible to class.

"We knew nothing of this and we are in the process of investigating now," Superintendent Randy Davis said.

Davis said the he and other school leaders in Potosi, Mo. found out about this claim on social media and then on the news.

"Of all the things this district would be accused of, I find this most surprising," Davis said.

Davis said he was shocked about the claim that Angela English made. She said that a teacher reprimanded her daughter for carrying the book and discussing religion with a classmate. English said her daughter wasn't punished by the school, but she was still upset. Other parents and people we spoke with agree with her.

"Well I think it's really wrong for the teachers to say anything at all," Marcella Kennon said. "Freedom of religion is what our country stands on. If someone wants to carry around their bible, that's their freedom."

"When I was a kid, you are pledging allegiance to God who looks out over this country and in God we trust is on the money," Deborah DeClue said. "A lot of times kids only hear about God in school."

Davis still can't believe this happened and said he and other school leaders will look into it.

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