Teacher serves two roles, instructor and mom

Teacher serves two roles, instructor and mom

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - The motto for Blanchard Elementary is a school with a heart.

Principal Barbara Kohlfeld said they feel like a family there, but one teacher and student actually are.

Third grade teacher Amber Walker treats her students all the same, but one holds a special place in her heart.

"Everybody knows I'm Macy's mom, she calls me mom in class," said Walker.

"She came to me last year and she said, I would like to have my daughter Macy in my class," said Kohlfeld.

Kohlfeld said it’s the first time she can remember a students in a parent’s full time classroom.

She said some principals might worry about favoritism or special treatment, but Kohlfeld said she trusts her teachers.

"It’s been great, there hasn't been one single thing," said Kohlfeld.

“She and I talked about it and you know from 8-3 I'm Ms. Walker and you are a student and will be treated like every other student in the class, now when the bell rings and everybody's gone, you're Macy in mom's room," said Walker.

It’s a double role that daughter and student, Macy, usually doesn’t mind.

"That way she can like help me with my homework and that way she knows what we're supposed to do," said Macy Walker.

But Macy does also see the downside.

"We went to a restaurant, and my mom made me practice my math facts," said Macy Walker.

Just because Walker works to keep an “A” in student fairness, doesn’t mean the class isn’t also excelling in jokes.

"They'll say well how's parent teacher conference going to go, or if she's not on task, I might have to say I'm going to call your mom," said Walker.

While it’s working for this student teacher duo, Walker said it’s not for everyone.

"You have to know yourself, and you have to know your child, to see if it is the best learning environment," said Walker.

An environment Macy Walker already knows, and can give other boys and girls with a teacher that’s a relative, a few tips.

"If they have their mom and dad as a teacher they can't tell their mom and dad what they did today because they already know," said Macy Walker.

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