Cold Water Challenge benefits local charities in Carter County

Cold Water Challenge benefits local charities in Carter County
If you get challenged, don’t worry too much because you’re not alone.
If you get challenged, don’t worry too much because you’re not alone.

VAN BUREN, MO (KFVS) - If you've been on Facebook recently, you might have seen videos of people doing what is called the "cold water challenge." People make videos of themselves jumping in cold water, then challenge others to do the same. Residents of Carter County are doing the challenge with a twist that helps out local charities.

Carter County Sheriff Rick Stephens is one of hundreds of people who have stepped up to the challenge.

"[The cold water challenge is to have] a little bit of fun but [people] are also willing to give a little bit of their hard earned funds to help other people who might be having a little more difficult time," Stephens said.

If you're challenged, you pay 10 dollars to the charity of your choice and jump in cold water. However, if you chose not to, you must pay 100 dollars to the charity of your choice.

For local organizations like Lending a Hand, the money from the challenge has really added up and it's only taken about a week!

"It went like wildfire. We've raised, 2,102 dollars so far," Tiffany Gossett said.

Lending a Hand is a local organization that helps cancer patients pay for medical costs.

"It's just great, the outpouring love, to see your name all over Facebook, you know, that people are recognizing and understanding what we are doing is, you know, heartwarming," Gossett said.

Leaders of other charities like the Ozark Family Resource Agency say the support through this challenge is unbelievable.

"It's just taken off, I've seen people out in the back yard with water hoses," Kristi Patterson said.

No matter how you do it, locals say the cold water challenge is something to cheer about.

Van Buren Elementary School Principal, Rick Johnson got a surprise challenge at school Wednesday. He was sprayed by hoses from the fire truck with the kids at school as the audience.

"It's a good cause. It's something the kids challenged me to do. I think it's important to show kids you're involved in things like this," Johnson said.

If you get challenged, don't worry too much, because you're not alone.

"I challenge the entire staff of the Carter County Sheriff's office," Sheriff Stephens said. "And, of course, Kadee Brosseau at KFVS 12."

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