Sikeston animal shelter up for bids

Sikeston animal shelter up for bids

SIKESTON, MO (KFVS) - The current contract with the Sikeston Area Humane Society is up and the city council is looking at other options.

Some in town worry about proposed new guidelines that would have animals euthanized within several days of coming into the facility.

City manager Jon Douglass said the shelter needs to be operated under state and local laws which does not include no-kill, a policy that the current shelter said is in place.

Humane Society Director Amy Wren said their number one focus is to remain a no-kill shelter.

City leaders told us they expect the current operator to apply, but so far they have not done so.

It has been extended through June 30 with a new contract, if awarded, would become effective July 1.

The city, we are told, is putting together an in-house proposal.

"We want to keep a very good mutual relationship here with the city of Sikeston," Wren said. "Over the years, they have helped us. We wouldn't be a no kill if it wasn't for the city of Sikeston and so just as much as we need them we feel they need us as well."

Wren said they have been a no-kill shelter for over a year now.

The proposals are due by April 18 and will be considered at the next council meeting.

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