AFFI Warrior Program, bank to give soldier a car

AFFI Warrior Program, bank to give soldier a car

MARION, IL (KFVS) - The AFFI Warrior Program provides equipped vehicles to Illinois soldiers who have lost limbs serving in Iraq or Afghanistan.

This year, they'll be providing a vehicle to a soldier from the Heartland.

In an instant, Jared Bullock's life changed forever.

Last November, while serving in Afghanistan, his convoy ran over an IED, leaving him without his right arm and leg.

"It was a challenge and so now I just see this as another one. And so it's just fun to try and do new things," Bullock said.

Five months later, it's all about the recovery in San Antonio, Texas and finally being able to walk on his own, with his son at his side.

"For those couple days where I got to use it, just to be able to walk was probably one of the greatest days that I've had in a while," Bullock said.

In March, he was fitted with a prostatic arm and hand, making life a little easier.

"Since the time that I got injured, till I got back, I'd say a week and a half ago, two weeks, I've been in a wheel chair, it has been going on like five months," Bullock said. "Just to be able to get up and stand and do things and walk with my child, it has just been that much better."

Jon Alexander, a West Frankfort fireman and member of the AFFI heard Bullock's story and immediately went to work.

"I had called them and actually contacted them and asked them if they wanted to be involved with the program, they thought about it a little bit and said, 'sure,'" Alexander said.

Bullock and his family, on behalf of the program and Banterra Bank, are raising money to get him a car, catered to his needs.

Alexander said it's a small gesture in comparison to what Bullock and his family have sacrificed in order to serve our country.

"It's knowing that as firefighters we can give back to those who serve overseas and protect us and our freedoms, that's what it is all about," Alexander said.

The vehicle will be presented to him at SIU's opening home football game on September 13.

All Illinois Banterra branches will also sell AFFI Support Our Troops t-shirts for $20 each beginning on Monday, April 14 through Friday, May 30. All proceeds from t-shirt sales will support the AFFI Warrior Program.

Banterra Bank is the exclusive ticket outlet for this great value and event. Tickets go on sale on Friday, April 11 beginning at 4 p.m. at Banterra Bank located at 3201 Banterra Drive, in front of Home Depot, in Marion.

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