Last minute tax tips

Last minute tax tips

(KFVS) - The tax filing deadline is Tuesday and for those who procrastinate, here are some last minute tips.

If a taxpayer feels there is not time to finish taxes by the April 15 deadline,

offers the Form 4868 for an extension.

This option may offer a taxpayer an extension up to October 15.

However, there are stipulations as well as fees and penalties if taxes are paid after October 15.

to fill out a Form 4868.

Payment plans are also available through the Internal Revenue Service if a taxpayer owes money and cannot pay it in one lump sum.

The IRS also allows taxpayers to file online. If a person has an adjusted gross income of $58,000 or less, IRS's Free File program is available through its website.

This is an option for those who cannot afford a tax software or accountant.

It is also an option for those who do not have time to file through the mail.

Business owners keep in mind that the IRS does not recognize Bitcoins as currency, but rather as property.

April 15 can be a stressful day!

That is why some restaurants like Sonic and Arby's offer free items and/or discounts on Tuesday.

It never hurts to ask your favorite place if it offers the same specials.

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