School leaders hope lawmakers will increase state funding

School leaders hope lawmakers will increase state funding

ADVANCE, MO (KFVS) - It's a fight between Missouri Governor Jay Nixon and lawmakers with education in middle.

Governor Nixon plans to freeze $22 million that had been budgeted for public schools and college because lawmakers failed to fully fund the $44 million Nixon wanted.

"Well it's vital," said Stan Seiler, Advance Superintendent. "Sixty-four percent of our total budget comes from the funding source of state funding."

Seiler said the gap of $22 million is a bigger deal than people realize. His district's portion of that is $15,000.

"Fifteen-thousand is supplies for our elementary school," Seiler said. "Fifteen-thousand is half a year's bus fuel. Fifteen-thousand is most the supplies for our high school, so 15,000 is really real when you are already talking about reduced funding like we have this year and not having that funding that you were counting on."

Seiler said the budget is already planned so if things were to change, they would be forced to adjust.

"We would go back to the drawing board and find another source for that money," Seiler said. "That means we either cut something else out or we use a local source and local funds for those things."

Seiler said generally speaking rural districts like advance rely more on state funding than the urban schools.

"There are some districts in our state that get about 90 to 95 percent of their funding from the state and when they have this kind of reduction like we've had in our state funding, it very much affects them much more than school districts in large urban areas that might only get 5 or 6 percent of their funding from the state," Seiler said.

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