Cyber security professor calls Heartbleed Bug a 'mistake'

Cyber security professor calls Heartbleed Bug a 'mistake'

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - A cyber security professor is calling a software bug that's been causing security concerns a "mistake."

Doctor Vijay Anand at Southeast Missouri State University said the "Heartbleed Bug" is the result of an error written in to the code of "Open SSL," that's a security program widely used throughout the internet.

The program is supposed to secure online password-protected sites like bank accounts.

The error has been around for more than two years.

A new version of the software eliminates the bug, but Doctor Anand said there are steps you can take.

"If you see something is not in the normal occurrence of things, it's a good idea to change our password or something like that," he said. "Security professionals in these organizations have potentially known it for at least a month or so, so if the financial institution or Facebook or Google tells you to change your password, there's no need to panic."

If you're not sure if a website uses "Open SSL," all you have to do is look at the address bar.

Anand said any website that starts with "https," which is many, is using the software; but again, an update has eliminated the bug.