Winter weather causes problems for roads

Winter weather causes problems for roads

(KFVS) - Old man winter left behind more than cold memories, roads in the Heartland are full of potholes and damage.

"The winter this year took quite a toll on the roads," said Tim Gramling with the City of Cape Girardeau.

Gramling said it's not just pot holes, but entire pavement breaking up.

"This year it's much more significant," said Gramling.

He said they have almost 70 locations in the city that need repair, in some places entire blocks.

According to him, it's not just the cold winter temperatures that lead to pavement problems, the snow and ice freeze and expand leading to cracks, the pressure from plows can be rough, even the salt mixture can be corrosive, all causing rough roads.

While still using cold mix in some places as a temporary fix, now city crews are able to use a new machine that can address larger areas, and is a little more permanent fix.

Workers apply hot oil, and then a mixture of rock and asphalt, which can last a couple of years.

City crews are also making permanent fixes like on Lexington where they're actually replacing the pavement.

The city plans to finish the temporary fixes by the end of summer, at a cost of about $265,000 dollars, and the longer term permanent fixes should take the next 2 to 3 years for a price tag of about $1 million bucks.

Gramling said they've had to increase their funding this year with money from a motor fuel tax from the state, and continue to use money from the city's transportation trust fund.

Gramling said the state money is usually used for construction projects, but now will be used to patch the pavement.

"We are going to kick it up a notch to hopefully get these things addressed," said Gramling.

Brad Robinson, the mayor of Carterville tells me they've seen significantly more road damage than in previous years, and are going to have to use money previously allocated to re-pave roads, now to fix the damage.

City officials in Paducah said they also have seen worse road problems. A spokeswoman said street crews are out every few days patching potholes, especially in high traffic areas. She said they've also had to move some roads up on the paving plan list.

If you know of a road that needs repair, you can contact your city's road department, or submit a request online.

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