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Heartland doctor joins growing trend


Dr. Michael Wulfurs has been an independent doctor now for a little more than a week. What he's doing is a growing trend across the country that is growing by a few thousand doctors every year.

"Now the latest figures that I saw were there are about 5,500 direct care doctors in the United States," Dr. Wulfurs said.

He's is now practicing what is called a direct primary care practice, which in a nut shell, provides medical services to a limited number of patients who pay a monthly fee.

"The people who will benefit the most from direct primary care are really more the people who have poor insurance or no insurance," Dr. Wulfurs said.

He charges a monthly fee that varies depending on your age. Everything the doctor does in his office is covered by the fee. They do not accept commercial insurance, medicare or medicaid and they believe this benefits both the patient and the doctor by exclusively focusing on the interaction between patient and doctor with no interferences.

"Under direct primary care our philosophy is the common simple things should be paid out of pocket and if you do that prices come down we have very affordable prices here," Dr. Wulfurs said.

Dr. Wulfurs still recommends you have insurance, but he suggests you have a big deductible with low premiums in order to fully take advantage of this.

"So if that model count on nationally, I think the whole healthcare system would save billions of dollars," Dr. Wulfurs said.

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