Teacher works to save art program at Johnston City High School

Teacher works to save art program at Johnston City High School

JOHNSTON CITY, IL (KFVS) - Last month, state funding forced the Johnson City School Board to eliminate art from their school program.


That news brought on a lot of emotion for students, staff and parents.

But for one of the teachers who is jobless next school year, she says she’s not giving up hope just yet.

For Mrs. Kathy rushing, the Johnston City School District’s only art teacher, hearing her position being cut at last month’s board meeting was devastating.

She has been a teacher with the district for years and says her students are the reason she gets up to go to work every day.

So she decided to take matters in to her own hands.

With the district's support she is hoping raise the money needed to keep the program alive.

The district’s superintendent says she has until the day before the first day of school to raise the $40,000 needed to fund the art program.

Rushing says art benefits all students, not just those who are planning a career in an art-related field.

She says she was shocked by how much the community and students, past, present and future have her support and are already getting involved to help raise the money.

“They want to write letters. They want to get involved. It is important to them and that is one more thing that they are learning. Not only in art but civic responsibility, and that they have a voice and that they want their voices to be heard, it is affecting their life,” said Rushing.

The money raised will help fund the program for one year, but Rushing says she hopes this will give the district more opportunities to apply for grants in the future.

She also hopes this inspires other schools facing the same problem.

If they’re not able to raise enough money, Rushing says she’ll give the money back.

She and a group of teachers and friends hope to plan events throughout the summer.

Make checks payable to:

"Johnston City Save the Arts Fund."

1103 Monroe Ave. Johnson City, IL 62951

If you are willing to get even more involved, contact Kathy at: kathy


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