4/8/14 - Tournament Madness

For all of you non basketball fans who simply tolerated the last few weeks of coverage here on KFVS12, we’d like to say thank you for your patience. And for all of the rest who enjoyed the NCAA Tournament, thanks for watching.

It's a fun time of year to see fans and non-fans alike get into the spirit, filling out brackets and choosing a Cinderella team to root for throughout the tournament. Who would have thought a month ago, we would see a seven and an eight seed battling it out for the National Championship? With a few notable exceptions, most everyone I know had both teams going out much earlier.

Around here, many jumped on bandwagon and rooted for Kentucky. As a fan of the sport you have to admire how the UK players and coaches handled themselves in the tournament. They played inspiring basketball for the name on the front of their jersey, instead of the name on the back. If you always root for Big Blue, you have a lot to be proud of and should hold your head high.

However, that is not exactly what happened in Lexington Monday night. According to the Associate Press, thousands of rowdy, disappointed fans spilled out into streets around the University to scream, yell, and set things on fire. Police arrested 31 and EMS crews responded to 23 injuries. For the record these “wild” Cats fans weren't alone. UConn's fans did the same thing, and they won! Cutting down the nets used to be the only postgame property damage after a championship win. Now, couches and other flammable furniture items don't last through the night as students act out. When did it become acceptable? When did we say it’s all right to act this way over a loss in a sporting event?

A legendary coach once told a player who showed out after a score to act like you've been there before. Kentucky and UConn lived in to that Monday. Unfortunately, some of their fans did not.

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