Harsher penalties could be added to Scott's Law

Harsher penalties could be added to Scott's Law

(KFVS) - Red and blue in your review means pull over.

But a bill known as "Scott’s law" is aimed at passing cars who fail to comply with it, which could mean harsher penalties to Illinois drivers.

"When you hear the tires cross the rumble strip as an emergency person on the side of the road, it is time to move," said Illinois State Police Trooper Joey Watson

Watson says he's been involved in a close call or two.

"A semi driver failed to move over and nearly struck the vehicle that I had pulled over. He came within literally inches of striking the vehicle. It is very unnerving," he said.

And he says it happens too often.

This is why lawmakers have stepped in to try and increase the penalties to violators.

While the bill only applies to emergency workers. Trooper Watson says its common courtesy to switch lanes for anyone on the side of the highway.

"Hundreds of thousands of cars will pass a police officer on the side of the roadway or a firefighter and never have an incident, but it only takes that one time," he said.

Under the changes a driver could face a fine of $10,000 or jail time.

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