Heartland veteran talks about PTSD

Heartland veteran talks about PTSD

(KFVS) - Veterans we spoke with this week say there is no justification for what happened at Fort Hood. They do, however, know how difficult PTSD can be to deal with.

Joseph Mohorc served in the United States Army and has seen everything from Vietnam to Iraq and Afghanistan. He said he still suffers from PTSD, and it's a battle that won't go away.

"It's real," Mohorc said. "It's definitely real and it affects us all differently."

Mohorc said he's experienced firsthand what PTSD can do.

"At one time I had five pills in the morning, three every three hours, some more at noon, and stuff to go to sleep on," Mohorc said.

Between the nightmares and flashbacks, Mohorc said it was tough to deal with, especially for his family.

"Your loved ones they are the ones the sense it the most," Mohorc said. "Yeah, I wake up at night crying and who is there to see it. Who is the only one to see it? Yeah, I bit her in the arm. I bit her in the cheek. Ask me if i did, no. Ask her if i did, it happened."

The more he talks about the more Mohorc said it helps. He told me he's doing much better, but it's something he feels will never fully go away.

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