Perry County, MO Veteran Wall set to be dedicated

Perry County, MO Veteran Wall set to be dedicated

PERRY COUNTY, MO (KFVS) - Perry County, Missouri residents will soon have a new way to honor veterans.

The wall is about a week from being unveiled.

"It's very cool I love," said John Bert, a World War II veteran.

Bert was a pilot in World War II. He never thought his service would be on a wall in his hometown.

"When I saw that in God we trust, that's all I needed," Bert said. "That is so pretty. I love that."

Bert is one of 236 names that are on the wall. Some like Bert are living, others are no longer with us.

"I love my brother and when he was gone, it changed our family forever and this is quite a tribute to all of the men that are in the service," said Sue Oster, a family member.

"It's such an honor to have him be part of this and the rest of my family knew him a lot better than I did because I was almost 5 when he died so I lived most of my life through my parents," said Duane Ernst, a family member.

Duane Ernst is the contractor on the project. His brother died in Vietnam.

"Unreal," Ernest said. "When it's unveiled it's just unbelievable how it looks."

Organizers can't wait to show off this wall. They say will be a way to always remember those who served in Perry County.

Bert is looking forward to when the tarp is gone because he will recognize a few names.

"I really miss some of them," Bert said. "I have some really good friends on there."

The wall will be dedicated on April 12 at 9 a.m.

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