Carbondale works to implement downtown improvement program

Carbondale works to implement downtown improvement program


It's a problem small towns across the country are facing: empty storefronts in once thriving downtowns.

Carbondale Main Street, however, is working to implement a new program that revitalizes historic downtowns.

It's called "Upstairs Downtown" and it helps business and property owners get a plan to fill up those empty spaces.

"Well we like to talk about the economic and architectural variables that make is easier to redevelop these spaces," said architect Mike Jackson. "What kind of incentives are available are financing, what are the ways for quality spaces that really empower the marketplace and what makes it an exciting place to live? We really emphasize the housing option for the downtown environment."

Carbondale Main Street Executive Director Meghan Cole said this improvement program has had success in other cities in the state.

She added they're excited for the direction of Carbondale's downtown.

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