How to save wet tech device

How to save wet tech device

Dropping a smartphone or tablet in water or accidentally spilling something on it can be a very frustrating situation.

has some steps to take to try and save your device from water damage.

First, turn off the device immediately before you do anything else.

This will help prevent any water reaching the circuitry of the phone.

Then take a lint-free towel and dry off the outside of the phone.

Make sure all of the smaller parts, like the headphone jack, get dried out as well and remove the SIM card and battery if possible.

Next, take the device and all the parts and put them into a plastic, zip-top bag.

Add in silica gel packets, like those found in a shoe box or beef jerky bag.

These little packets are great for absorbing moisture.

If there aren't any of these packets at your house, you can order them online.

Wait 72-hours and then remove the device and parts from the bag.

This should be plenty of time to allow the phone to dry out.

Keep in mind, there is no guarantee this will work and even if it does, the warranty on the device will probably be void.

Those types of devices are usually embedded with water indicators that will prove that the device has been exposed to moisture.

Also note that just because there are no immediate side effects from water damage, that doesn't mean there couldn't be effects months or even years down the road as the water could corrode inner parts.

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