Group heads to Jefferson City to raise disability awareness

Group heads to Jefferson City to raise disability awareness

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - A group from the Heartland makes a push Wednesday and Thursday in Jefferson City for better facilities and programs for the blind and legally blind, as well as others with disabilities or physical limitations.

The dozens of men and women from the Heartland will be among many more from across Missouri. We spoke with two ladies who deal with being legally blind daily. Marlene Limbaugh is with the River City Workers of the Blind and Judith Bryant is with Delta Area of the blind.

"It's so energizing to be in the capital building with others uniting for one cause," said Limbaugh. "They need to know we have a voice too."

They packed up Tuesday morning for the trip. They want to discuss several House bills with lawmakers including issues that involve penalties for those who harm or kill service animals, one regarding electronic voting machine requirements to help blind citizens cast ballots, and another for those who are completely blind calling for them to be exempt from certain vision re-examination requirements they say only cost tax payers money.

For Limbaugh and Bryant it's also a bonding experience and they say it's a peaceful rally they wouldn't miss.

"We can show that even though we have a visual impairment we have a passion to get our message across and express ourselves," said Bryant.

They plan to meet with lawmakers like Kathy Swan and Wayne Wallingford, and also hope for a chance to speak with Governor Jay Nixon about changes and disability awareness.

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