Cape Girardeau City Councilman resigns

Cape Girardeau City Councilman resigns

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - A Cape Girardeau city councilman submitted his resignation to the city manager on Tuesday, April 1.

Trent Summers will no longer represent Ward 3 in the Cape Girardeau City Council. He resigned because he plans to move out of the city.

Summers tells Heartland News he and his wife are moving out of Ward 3 as they prepare to welcome a baby.

"We've started the process of moving outside of the ward 3 house that we have," Summers said. "We still own it and probably will for some time. Just so that there is no question or any challenge to my residency or challenge to the council, I thought it would be best to resign and make that official."

Summers says he appreciates the citizens of Cape Girardeau and looks forward to supporting whoever replaces him.

"Keep an open mind," Summers said. "I think some people to a council or government with preconceived notions and i've learned over my experience that it is best to keep an open mind and listen to what other people have to say. Stick to your core beliefs but try to work together to make something good happen."

City manager Scott Meyer says short-term the city council will appoint a temporary member. That member must live inside the ward. He says long-term, it depends on the number of candidates the council receives. If there are less than two, there will be an election. If there are more than two, there will be a primary and election.

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