Graves Co. schools honor support staff

Graves Co. schools honor support staff

GRAVES COUNTY, KY (KFVS) - The Graves County School District recently designated an entire week, culminating in a Support Staff Appreciation Day to honor those classified employees who contribute to the success of its students.

The school week kicked off with some surprises and a promise of more throughout the week. The TLC Group, the name chosen for the Classified Leadership Team that was formed this school year, sponsored the showing of appreciation and encouraged schools, co-workers, students, parents and others to help honor cook/bakers, custodians and maintenance workers, drivers and bus garage workers, secretaries, teaching assistants, and others.

Virtually everyone associated with the Graves County Schools wore yellow that day, as a way to show appreciation to all support staff who consistently work hard to keep the schools, cafeterias, buses and classrooms running smoothly. A number of events, gifts, and other expressions of appreciation took place during the week with the grand finale day celebrated throughout the district.

"We often say that all adults in our schools are teachers in many ways," said Assistant Superintendent Jennifer Smith. "Relationships are very important to everybody and often even more so for children. There are so many of our co-workers who go out of their way to make a difference in kids' lives. They also do their jobs extremely well. We definitely see these contributions as worthy of praise and that's what this celebration is all about."

One of the Graves County Schools' five core beliefs is, "As a team, schools, parents and communities help students reach their highest potential."

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