Authorities find dog that attacked 2 Bloomfield girls

Authorities find dog that attacked 2 Bloomfield girls

BLOOMFIELD, MO (KFVS) - Two young girls were attacked by a dog Thursday night in Bloomfield, Missouri, and authorities now say they have found the dog.

It is being held for observation.

It's the talk of the town in Bloomfield.

Two sisters were playing with neighbors on Miller Street when a dog bit them, leaving several marks.

According to Bloomfield Police Chief Tim Zych the attack happened around 7 p.m. while the girls were riding their bikes on the 700 block of Miller Street.

Both girls suffered multiple bites and were taken to the hospital for treatment. They were later released.

Seven-year-old Shyla was riding her bike when she saw a friend being attacked by a dog, so she went over to help. Her 8-year-old sister Chelsea tried to protect her and was bitten four times by the dog on the hand, arm and lower back.

"It had Sophie by the hair and she told me it tried to biter her, so I went over there to try to get it away from everybody and then it started to attack me...I was really scared. Cause after it bit her she came down the hill and she was crying really hard and I went to kick it and it attacked me," sisters Shyla and Chelsea said.

Because police don't know if the dog had a rabies shot, the girls' mother said they are getting the shot just to be safe.

The dog was hit by a car and people were out until 11 Friday night searching for it.

On Friday afternoon, we spoke with the woman who owns the dog police think bit the girls. She said she'd only had the dog two months. It got out Thursday morning, and she feels terrible that the girls are going through this.

The girls' mother said she will not press charges.

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