Allergy issues - Healthcare deadline - Wood stove regulations

Allergy issues - Healthcare deadline - Wood stove regulations

Happy Thursday!

Warmer temperatures are on the way, but there is also a potential for rain in the area today. Brian Alworth has your full forecast throughout the show this morning.

Holly Brantley will be live starting at 5 with information on allergies, why they're so bad this year and which cities have been hit the hardest.

Carly O'Keefe will also be out in the field talking about the healthcare deadline that is quickly approaching.

Missouri lawmakers are attempting to block proposed federal regulations on wood stoves. More on this at 5:05.

Join me at 5:25 for some surprising facts about caffeine. Maybe some bad news for us coffee fanatics!

Following that, students and parents at the Anna Jonesboro School District will get a lesson on underage drinking and drugs Thursday evening.

Catch the show at 5:40 for the latest on the missing Malaysian jetliner and the deadly mudslide in Washington state.

Then at 6, a year-long drug investigation by Kentucky State Police has ended with the arrest of a Graves County man.

Plus, Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan says he'll call a vote this spring on making the state's temporary income tax increase permanent.

Did you know? The weather is partly to blame for a spike in milk prices. Details at 6:13.

After that, we'll tell you which March Madness games will be played on KFVS12 Thursday and show you how our brackets are doing as we go into the Sweet Sixteen.

Join us for 12 minutes of commercial-free news and weather starting at 6:45.

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