Winter weather affects plants and allergies

Winter weather affects plants and allergies

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - With this year's extended winter weather, plants and your allergies could see the effects.

If your plants have seen better days because of the colder temperatures, the folks at Sunny Hill have a few things you should know.

Paul Schnare with Sunny Hill said don't give up on your plants. He said they might have lost their leaves or changed to a brown or grayish color, but that doesn't mean they're dead.

According to him, that can be because certain plants can't get the water from their roots when the ground is frozen.

"Quite often all of the leaves will fall off, people are really concerned, they're thinking that they're dying, what I'm telling people is sit tight, have some patience and see what happened," Schnare said. "Their response for survival is let's lose our leaves, and we'll put on some new ones next Spring."

So how will all of this affect your allergies? Dr. Jana Tuck said since some of the plants haven't had the chance to bloom or pollinate yet, the plants will bloom rapidly, making spring allergy season more condensed and more intense.

If you haven't had any allergy symptoms yet, but usually have allergy problems, Tuck said you should get on your allergy medicine now.

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