GMOs: Are they safe for your body?

GMOs: Are they safe for your body?

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - It's a controversial topic hitting the Heartland: GMOs and if they are safe for our bodies. It largely began with a Cape Girardeau mother and others passionate about the health of their kids.

First, she's an RN and mother of three little girls. Rachel Bangert says her family is just like many others, except she believe they are one of the few in the Heartland who are taking a stand against GMOs.

GMOs are genetically modified organisms are created through gene splicing techniques and end up in our food supply.

Bangert says she first became aware when she wanted to know why her three children were getting sick: her youngest with a rare chromosome disorder, middle child with, a respiratory disease, and oldest with ADHD. After years of going to doctors, someone suggested it could be what was going into their bodies that was causing the part of the problem: the food. As Bangert calls it, the typical American diet.

"Chips, soda, pizza, just like everybody else," said Bangert.

She started to make the switch to only organic and clean food.

"It's been a long road but my baby is army-crawling," Bangert said. "Dakota is a much healthier child and Vanessa is off her medication for ADHD and on honor roll."

Now she wants to educate the public. She started a grassroots effort to spread the word through her

and managed to bring the movie: "Unacceptable Levels" to Cape Girardeau. The movie is now sold out and focuses on toxins and also GMOs.

"In hope this opens people's eyes and encourages them to do research about pesticides and chemicals in our food," said Bangert. "From heart disease to mental health, we expect problems to be the norm and they don't have to be. There are better ways to care for our bodies."

Vanessa, who says she's doing just fine without her medication, says she now loves apples, healthy food, and tries to impress the same habits among their friends.

"I am so much better," said Vanessa. "I make good grades and fast food doesn't even look or sound good to me anymore."

To learn more about how to get involved in the Heartland movement to go:

Meanwhile, doctors had mixed emotions about GMO safety. Heartland News contacted the FDA who had this statement from Theresa Eisenman with the FDA Office of Media Affair:

"Currently, food manufacturers may indicate through voluntary labeling whether foods have or have not been developed through genetic engineering provided that such labeling is truthful and not misleading.

FDA has received citizen petitions regarding genetically engineered foods, including the labeling of such foods. The agency is currently considering those petitions, and at this time, has not made a decision, in whole or in part, regarding the petitions.

FDA’s role is to ensure that foods under its purview meet applicable safety, labeling, and other regulatory requirements. Foods derived from genetically engineered plants must meet the same requirements, including safety requirements, as other foods, such as foods derived from traditionally bred plants."

The FDA suggests visiting

for more information.

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