Article outlines reasons for 'slow death' of the microwave

Article outlines reasons for 'slow death' of the microwave

(KFVS) - Is the microwave oven slowly on its way out?

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a business news publication, statistics show there is a "slow death" of the microwave that's been happening steadily over the last few years.

Sales have fallen by 25-percent since the year 2000, and 40-percent since they had their peak in 2004.

One reason for this is the fact that 90-percent of American households already own a microwave.

Also, more healthy and fresh food has increased in popularity while there is less demand for quick, easy, unhealthy foods cooked with a microwave.

In addition, the article notes one major reason for the decline in microwave sales is the increase in sales of other small appliances, especially the toaster oven.

Since the year 2000, small appliances like rice makers and slow cookers have seen a steady increase in sales by about 50-percent.

Microwave ovens that are installed straight into the wall have also increased in popularity.

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