Family, friends of Molly Young gather for candlelight vigil

Family, friends of Molly Young gather for candlelight vigil

CARBONDALE, IL (KFVS) - It's been two years since police in Carbondale found the body of 21-year-old Molly Young in a Carbondale police dispatcher's apartment.

The apartment belonged to Richie Minton, who was Young's ex-boyfriend at the time of her death.

On Monday night, her family and friends gathered for a candlelight vigil in Turley Park to still hold onto hope.

"This is not something that I want to do. This is something that I have to do," Larry Young said. "And not only for me, but for anybody in the future that could experience the same thing."

They are still seeking justice in her death, even though it was declared a suicide at the time by the Jackson County coroner.

Young's family doesn't believe that she actually shot herself in the top of the left-side of her head with Richie Minton's .45 caliber pistol in her right hand.

When police arrived on the scene, Minton had blood on his clothes. They also never found any gun powder residue on Molly's hands, nor her fingerprints on the gun.

"I've made this my life, and I expect to continue making it my life. I have to go to Washington D.C., I will go. I'm going to see that justice is served in this case," Young said.

After two years, there hasn't been an arrest or any charges filed in this case. Minton has refused to cooperate with the Illinois State Police investigation on this case.

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