Armored vehicle to protect during active shooter situations

Armored vehicle to protect during active shooter situations

JACKSON, MO (KFVS) - It towers over other vehicles owned by the Cape Girardeau County Sheriff's Office.

A new armored vehicle came free of charge and could protect officers during active shooter situations.

It's hard to miss the newest addition to the county sheriff's office.

An inch thick shell of steel protects this armored vehicle.

They say it will help protect both you and the officers.

After a trip from Texas, this MRAP vehicle sits in the Cape Girardeau County Sheriff's Office parking lot.

It was awarded to the agency for free through a Department Of Defense program.

MRAP stands for mine-resistant ambush protected armored vehicle.

But why does the county need military grade units?

"In the past when we've used a tactical team for a high risk operation we deliver that team through either a van or pickup truck," said Lt. David James. "Well bullets will go through either of those things and a bullet will not go through this."

The heavy armor and weapons systems have been removed, but the 62,000-pound machine is still daunting to look at.

But don't worry; it won't be making many appearances around town.

"We've had a lot of questions about that," said James. "It's not going to be driven as a routine patrol. It'll only be used on an occasional basis as needed for high risk operations."

It's an equipment upgrade, but you might be asking what it will cost you.

Captain David James says the biggest maintenance cost will be fuel and the occasional oil change.

So, it's very cost effective machinery.

"They were going to scrap these vehicles," James said. "This machine is a $750,000 machine. So why not have it available for our community. It's here and available if we ever have the need for it, it's here. Just like our vests and our weapons that we have. They're available. Doesn't mean we use them every day."

"It's a pretty impressive piece of equipment though," said Lt. Chris Hull.

Not only impressive but secure, as well.

"At the end of the day it's all about everybody going home safe and we're going to do whatever we can do to make our guys and other departments' guys go home safe to their families," said Hull.

Cape Girardeau County is just one of five counties in the state of Missouri with this type of vehicle.

Officials say the other agencies will be able to use it, if they need it.

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