Kentucky pothole patching costs increase

Kentucky pothole patching costs increase

KENTUCKY (KFVS) - Kentucky Transportation Cabinet said Thursday that the costs of patching potholes are up almost 20 percent from the same time last year due to this past winter.

There are still more than three months left in the 2014 fiscal year and highway crews in Kentucky have already spent almost $2.5 million.

Potholes occur when moisture freezes and expands after it has filtered through pavement cracks, which then pushes the roadway base materials aside creating a weak spot in the pavement

As that weak spot in the pavement breaks, it allows the weight and impact of cars to push even more material aside and allow more moisture in, where the process continues.

Highway crews can use the traditional hot, recycled asphalt to patch potholes in a more permanently instead of the cold mix patching materials used in winter.

Potholes on Kentucky roads can be reported by going to

, looking for "Travel Info," and clicking on "Report a Pothole."

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