Saline County residents try to fight off Peabody

Saline County residents try to fight off Peabody

SALINE COUNTY, IL (KFVS) - A group from Saline County is up in arms after a coal mining company started clear cutting land to strip mine before the company got the proper permits.

They say the mining practices are driving away wildlife and residents alike and they're hoping to stop the act in its tracks.

"We need to be brave and stand up against one of the biggest companies in the world," said one resident.

Crammed into a tiny office building, a group of residents from saline county are trying to make a big impression.

"This is our 53,000 signatures handed over by the petition," said activist, Georgia La Garza.

Peabody Coal is moving in right next store, waiting on approval from the department of natural resources to start strip mining in Cottage Grove.

But time is running out folks in Saline County.

"They are going to be 500 feet southwest of my house," said Allen Porter.

Porter says loggers have already moved in.

"Out of 800 or some odd acres they are going to strip next to my house there is 200 and some odd acres that's in woods and they are clear cutting and cutting the timber on that."

"We are crying out for help today," said De La Garza.

Now, the company is wants to expand into cottage grove.

So the group collected signatures and facts about the affects to the land mining has on the land.

"You see such beauty but if you go above and look down your eyes wouldn't believe the devastation that some of these mines have done," said De La Garza.

Hoping Attorney General Lisa Madigan will step in and help.

"I'm not afraid to stand up for myself and say, 'hey this isn't right,'" said Porter.

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