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7 facing drug charges in McCracken County


Seven people are facing drug charges after an investigation in McCracken County.

According to the McCracken County Sheriff's Department, the investigation started in the early afternoon and went into the night.

Ramsey Hayes, 35 of Benton, was arrested after detectives found he had sold cocaine in the Paducah Walmart parking lot.

Deputies also found Hayes had sold cocaine to Nicholas McLeod, 22 of Paducah, who then resold the cocaine to another person.

The investigation uncovered that McLeod and Bradley Hicks, 37 of Paducah, also got prescription medication from an unknown person and then sold the pills to another man.

McLeod and Hicks were arrested during a traffic stop in the 1500 block of Broadway.

Hicks was living in the Paducah Halfway House and is on probation for numerous felony offenses.

Detectives then talked to people from both Brookport and Fulton while undercover.

Montie Roberts, 56, wanted to buy some cocaine.

When Roberts saw authorities approach her, she gave doses of amphetamine to 41-year-old Waylon Knott to hide them. 

During the last part of the investigation, detectives talked to a person from Fulton via Facebook who they later found to be 29-year-old Danny Dale.

While undercover, detectives agreed to buy one pound of marijuana from Dale.

Dale said he would get a ride from his friend to Paducah.

Detectives later found Dale and Ronald Lewis on the parking lot of Huck's on Lone Oak Road.

As detectives approached, marijuana was seen in Lewis' lap and both were taken into custody.

Detectives searched and then seized more than one-pound of marijuana from the passenger compartment of the vehicle.

Hayes had been arrested by the Sheriff's Department and convicted of cocaine possession.

McLeod had also been arrested by the sheriff's department and convicted for felony wanton endangerment that stemmed from him shooting into an apartment.

Hayes was charged with trafficking a controlled substance.

Hicks was charged with complicity to trafficking controlled substance.

McLeod is facing charges for trafficking controlled substances.

Knott was charged with operating on a suspended license and tampering with physical evidence.

Roberts has been charged with solicitation to possession of cocaine, possession of controlled substance, tampering with physical evidence, and trafficking controlled substance.

Dale was charged with trafficking marijuana over 8 ounces.

Lewis has also been charged with complicity to trafficking marijuana over 8 ounces.

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