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Cape Girardeau Co. Sheriff's Office issuing temporary CCW permits until equipment replaced


The Cape Girardeau County Sheriff's Office has been working with the Missouri Sheriff's Association to confirm when the new equipment for issuing the hard plastic I.D. cards for Carry Conceal Weapon permit holders.

According to the sheriff's office, due to software issues during the last phase, the equipment that was expected to be delivered to the sheriff's office shortly after the first of the year has been delayed. At this time, the sheriff's office said there is no confirmed date of when the equipment will be delivered but Carry Conceal Weapon permit holders are being issued a temporary paper form to carry.

The sheriff's office will notify permit holders who have received the temporary paper form when the equipment is installed and ready to replace with the hard plastic I.D. card.

The sheriff's office said they appreciate everyone's patience and understanding while they work together to make sure the system is fully functional before implementation.

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