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Homeowners hope solar panels will cut energy costs


On one of our colder March mornings, a crew from Missouri Sun Solar was up on a roof, installing the rails that will hold solar panels.

The panels will collect the sun’s energy and turn it into power for homeowners Stacy and Chris Heisserer. Before they could get started though, they had to shovel snow off the roof.

After seeing an ad for the panels last fall, the Heisserer’s decided to go ahead and do it.

“For the cost savings and for the environment,” Chris said.

Missouri Sun Solar, out of Baldwin, Missouri, spent three days on the Heisserer’s roof completing the job.

“Each of the solar panels has an inverter that actually converts the sun’s DC power to AC power, which you need to run your home. It will actually make your meter go backwards, as you’re making power.”

Based on their past electric bills, the Heisserer’s need 54 solar panels to power all the things they run. On day three the panels go up on the roof, blanketing it from end to end. This is not a cheap prospect. It costs about $50,000 to install the system, however with tax credits and a rebate from Ameren, the Heisserer’s are only out about $4,000.

“It should pay for itself in two to three years," Chris said.

During our bitterly cold winter, the Heisserer’s were opening electric bills that ranged from $200 to $250. Chris is hopeful that going solar will get their monthly bills down to the $20 range.

Missouri Sun Solar said the life of the system is about 20 years.

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