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Gas prices surge as refineries conduct spring maintenance

Springtime brings warmer days and spring flowers, but you might feel like your bank account has sprung a leak with the season also bringing higher prices at the gas pump.

AAA says this is the worst time of year to fill your tank. In spring, oil refineries switch from producing the so-called winter blend of gasoline to cleaner burning summer blends.

Many refineries cut production to do a little spring cleaning and conduct seasonal maintenance this time of year which can limit the supply and cause market uncertainty.

Drivers may have already noticed a higher bill this week to fill up their tanks. AAA says motorists in 20 states have seen prices at the pump jump by at least a nickel. Illinois and Wisconsin drivers have seen their price per gallon grow by more than a dime.

AAA expects gas prices to peak this spring at a national average of between $3.55 and $3.75 a gallon, barring any unexpected market-moving events. AAA warns increasing tension with Russia in Ukraine could constitute such an event should global oil supplies be impacted. Russia is the world’s third largest oil producer behind Saudi Arabia and the United States.

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