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New concealed carry signs in Illinois

HARRISBURG, IL (KFVS) - The start of 2014 opened the doors for people in Illinois to legally carry their concealed firearms once they receive their permits from the state.

But, it also marked the placement of new concealed carry signs on businesses and private properties.

Currently, the sign approved by the Illinois State Police must be placed in clear view on the entrance to any business or private property.

Once posted, it forbids anyone from entering the property with his/her concealed weapon.

A new proposal working its way through the Illinois Senate SB 2669 would create a new sign for those business owners and private property owners to show their permission for firearms on their property.

"Overall, I believe it should be the business owners decision," said William Cummings of Harrisburg. "But at the same time the government should regulate, they're good on laws like that. So I believe if they allow it to be allowed, maybe it should be."

"I see the concerns of the business owner where that could propose an armed robbery," said Joe Shulda of Carterville. "But would you want to pull a weapon on a clerk when 15 people behind you are going to pull a weapon on you? That's a real deterrent. Sometimes I think we go too far trying to regulate things."

Some business owners like Linda Hooker at Fish Tales Pet Shop in Herrin don't feel that there is any need for a concealed carry sign on her front door.

"I didn't even realize that there was a sticker to on the door," Hooker said. "But I don't know that I'm really against it. I think the people we get in here are nice people, and good folks. And I don't think it's really going to be an issue for us."

The current legislation on a new concealed carry sign is in the Illinois Senate Subcommittee on Firearms.

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