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Making kids more cautious


The man accused of murdering a 10-year-old girl in Springfield made his first appearance in court today.

Craig Michael Wood asked for a public defender, even though there is evidence that he has access to a one million dollar trust fund.

Investigators say they found child pornography in the 45-year-old coach's home as well as clothing the little girl was wearing at the time.

This sad story out of Springfield shows that strangers may not be the only thing kids need to be aware of.

Officer Darin Hickey with the Cape Girardeau Police Department said people trying to trick your children can be just as dangerous.

Officer Hickey said he sat down with his kids and explained what happened. He said he told them it's not just strangers they need to be aware of.

People may try to trick them by asking for directions, asking if they've seen a missing puppy, or asking them to look at a picture close to the car, those folks to hickey are just as dangerous.

He said you can never be to cautious when it comes to educating your children.

"Don't be afraid to have that conversation if your family members and loved ones because that one single conversation may be the one that sticks with them and may save their life," Hickey said.

Officer Hickey said there are certain red flags, things parents can make their kids aware of like someone asking, "can you keep a secret from your parents; or it's ok, you don't need to ask your parent's permission.

Bottom line, Officer Hickey said, you can't be too cautious with them. He said whatever you are comfortable with telling them, do it.

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