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Is the ACT or SAT here to stay?


As high school seniors count the days to graduation, many are making their college choice.

A new study shows that an ACT or SAT score might not be as important as once thought when admitting high school students into college.

"I just really try to get a good grade on that so I can get a better scholarship," said Trevor Morehead.

Morehead is a junior at Chaffee High School, and just one of thousands of high school students to recently take the ACT or SAT to get into college.

"It wasn't really that hard until I got to the science portion," Morehead said.

A new study said there is almost no difference in grades or graduation rates between students who took the standardized tests and those who didn't

"Some students aren't good test takers and I think that's why most colleges use it as only one part of their admissions process," said Brandi Ritter.

Ritter is a guidance counselor at Chaffee and said taking the rest can be stressful for high schoolers.

"It's really just measuring how good of a test taker you are," Morehead said.

"You can prepare more for your homework than you can a test you've never seen before," said Shelby Lands, a junior at Chaffee High School.

This new study could be promising for the not-so-great test takers, but others say the test is still a good tool.

Dr. Debbie Below, the Vice President for Enrollment Management and Student Success of Southeast Missouri State said they look at both standardized test scores and GPA.

"Our primary concern isn't what the student comes in with, it's how well they do while they're here," Below said.

Below said university data shows a direct correlation between success on the ACT or in their grade point average, and success in college.

While it can be important for a student to do well on the standardized test, Below and Ritter agree it's not the only thing colleges will look at, and students should try not to stress.

"It's more important for a student to focus on success every day, than what they believe that score says about their ability," Below said.

You can view the study here.

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