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Saline Co. Sheriff's Office warns of possible 'scams'


The Saline County Sheriff's Office warns of some current "scams" they've heard of.

They say numerous "scams" go on all year long, some of them occur at specific times of year. Tax season and spring traveling or spring break can be two of them that are used.

Tax season can be used as another tool for criminals to obtain personal information. One of the new "scams" going around is, residents receive a call from someone claiming to be from Internal Revenue Service and want to confirm some of your information or even discuss your yearly tax filing.

Deputies say IRS doesn't call and discuss your tax claim over the phone. Do not give a caller any personal information over the phone. This includes banking numbers or social security numbers or birthdates.

Another "scam" that is making its way around again, is an older scam, but with a new twist. The caller places a call to usually an older resident and claims to be a grandchild that is traveling and has either been injured or is in jail and needs money.

The sheriff's office said the new twist, is the use of Facebook to get personal information of relatives and activities. In addition the scammers may even use character actors to meet the age of the potential grandchild. Often times the requests are for $3,000 to $5,000 dollars.

The sheriff's office offers the following tips:

  • If something seems suspicious, ask for a call back number and location information. Then contact local law enforcement, who can assist on whether the event is false.
  • Never send money through Western Union, this is usually a heads-up that this is a scam.
  • If you receive notification that you won a lottery or prize and you didn't enter the lottery, then it is more than likely it is a scam.
  • Never give out personal information.
  • If it sounds too good to be true or sounds suspicious it probably is!

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